Abundant Frozen Whitewater = GOOD 2007 CO Paddling

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Abundant Frozen Whitewater = GOOD 2007 CO Paddling

Post by TJ » Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:20 pm

As most of you know, Colorado has been benefiting from some fabulous frozen whitewater [also called snow] lately. In fact the Arkansas River watershed is now well over the 125% of normal snowpack level. Of course, its early and long way from paddling season, but we are off to a great start.

Jackie & I just got back from a couple weeks of some great snowshoeing and general relaxing and had a chance to check out the snow depths around Salida, Colorado and the Collegiate Peaks.

A bit of minor bad news if you paddle the Arkansas River is that the AHRA [Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, not the American Hot Rod Association], is raising the daily access fees a bit. It is not as bad as its initially appears though. The fees are essentially going from a per person style to a per vehicle style. Instead of monitoring those pesky $2 permits/person, it will go to a pesky $5 permit/vehicle. So the idea is to cram as many people into your vehicle as possible at the accesses and have fun in between. It still should work out about like before unless you are paddling with just the two of you in two separate cars; now that will be a little painful after a few trips. Of course, you can wait to band up with a larger group I suppose.

You can also go to an Annual pass basis if you paddle a lot on the Ark, which is what I intend to do and with a 2nd vehicle [even less], I should come out like a bandit. I'm sure they will close that loop hole next year.

TJ Hittle
The Kansas Paddler

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