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Post by KUKayaker » Tue Sep 05, 2006 12:43 pm

Just figured I would give a KWA-er approach to this issue and I don't know the complexities of trips with the KCKA but I know in the KWA club when we go on "trips" we just ask around to see who is available to do something or post saying anyone interested in such and such next weekend. There are advantages to well planned trips for preparation especially when you have more things to compete with your time but the simple answer could be to have things run less formally for KCKA "events" can only be classified as club sanctioned events. I think there are tons of advantages of having clubs but at its most basic form is a way to meet people to do similar activities. Now all of these don't have to be actual club events with trip leaders and such because I know that in the KWA we only have 1? (beginner trip) that is an actual trip event but members are going paddling basically every weekend to different locations. If something comes up and a paddler asks about it and it is decided that its above their skill level then thats a different issue than just not telling them. Basically if you want to go on more trips, talk about taking them, you don't have to have it on an official calendar, just post a thread see who responds and set a date the main thing is just get the word out and see what happens. Again I dont' know how things work in the KCKA but there's no reason a group of paddlers can't meet on a river and enjoy their company as individuals instead of having group sponsored trips with set trip leaders and designations. Hope i'm not opening a can of worms on this issue, just my 2 cents from an outsider.
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Trips/members and the internet

Post by Eric&Janica » Tue Sep 05, 2006 3:53 pm

I agree, and thats the way goes around here. We cant be upset with the members who dont have computers/internet, and they are out there. I know a few members that you have to call because they are not online. They are also the most dependable paddlers I know. We just have to be mindful that not everyone has to have a computer to survive. This message board is great. But only for us that are online. Im not trying to stir anything up, I just think we need to remember not all the members are online, and not all trips are planned in advance. Some are spur of the moment and they just dont get posted. I dont know of anyone who has lead a trip I was on that would have wanted anyone left out. It just happens sometimes.
Eric & Janica

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Thank You Eric and Janica

Post by bwbwetarnp&co » Tue Sep 05, 2006 7:20 pm

This is exactly the kind of forum I wanted to see on the KCKA forum. I agree that not all individuals will get on line, but I believe that there are a lot more that can and don't that may help link the others who aren’t. You also make an excellent point that only helps to reinforce the point why I don't want to be number one on the roster. This is the person who most every body wants to shoot first when things don't go right. Again thank you for your input. It is most valid.

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Post by Openboater » Thu Sep 07, 2006 9:03 am

Folks, I think we are a lot closer on this than some may think. The subject of this thread dealt with "can we talk" or, to me, using this board to its potential. There are two different paddling opportunities that have been discussed here: organized, announced trips and short-notice, impromptu trips.

I am very grateful for all the past trips by Cliff, T.J., Chris and others that I've had the privilege to attend. If the legal uncertainties associated with leading trips could be clarifed, perhaps more folks would be willing to step forward. The ACC does not formally announce any activity not insured by ACA but has this incredibly active board with all kinds of informal trips. The OWWC ignores the legalities and announces floats and trip leaders for the whole year. This would be a good subject for another thread or KCKA meeting.

My previous post was intended to encourage more people to announce short notice trips on this board. Yes, some folks don't have net access but I can't believe computers are more common in Arkansas than Kansas. No, I wasn't planning to write a newsletter article to complain about private exclusive trips, just one about using this board as a way to increase paddling opportunities. Looks like that's covered. I don't recall having seen anything about the message board in the newsletter or website (could be wrong, Chris's site is down). I have posted every personal trip I've taken this year and will continue to do so. I encourage others to do the same.

I've been a member of KCA/KCKA for most of 20 years. The club has maintained a significant membership but only a fairly small number have been active. It's great that the Wichita/South Central Kansas area has developed such an active paddling community. Others areas are not so fortunate. An active board, used as described in the KWA post above, may be our best way to maintain paddling opportunities for all members.

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