Minimum Recommended Flows & Trip Planning

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Minimum Recommended Flows & Trip Planning

Post by TJ » Fri Jun 02, 2006 8:04 am

Hi all,

As webmaster for the KANSAS PADDLER Home Page, I often get requests for Kansas stream information. I also get a few trip reports. Some good news and some bad news.

As a CAUTION, I've received a few trip reports lately from groups that have led float trips on the Kansas River at levels well below the recommended flows. Some of these trips have been led by groups that should know better, but don't always have expert paddlers along for guidance. Combine this with sometimes high winds and you can have a very bad experience, as has been reported lately..

I highly recommend checking the Paddlers Guides, Volume 1 & 2 posted
FREE on:

Sadly, you will NOT find minimum stream flow info anywhere else on the Web for rivers in Kansas, primarily, because this information has been determined from years of paddling experience. These minimum flows are constantly updated. Follow the flow checks with a check on wind forecasts & you will have a great start on a fun trip on the Kansas River and other streams.

Paddlingly yours,
TJ Hittle

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